Wednesday, 17 September 2008

iDork 8.0

Me to Lee:

I am listening to Earth Song again and secretly liking it even though I know I shouldn't (esp. with lyrics like "what about flowery fields?"
I can see the wind machine going and the fake fog, but no zombies. This is not Thriller, after all. I see little children in my minds eye (and my recollection of the Brits)
But now he is going "hoo" and then I think of that comedian...cant' remember...wotsit with ginger mane? Does that make me less of a dork if I imagine ginger guy with the wind machine???

Anyhow, I hate my life.


Lee to Me:
maybe you would hate your life less if you weren't listening to earth song so much?

we had dire straights on in the shop today. so however much you hate your life, at least you're not me.


Friday, 5 September 2008


I blogged you...with love

i'm never sayin "heh" to you again. paul anka? f.f.s. dead to me


ffs? I don't know what this means.
I love imagining hearing you say "heh" what would it take lee, what would it take?
Paul Anka album, Rock Swings
he basically takes grunge songs and makes them into snappy little swing numbers, cf, Smells like TS, and Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun.
Sort of takes the wind out of their self-important, heroin addled sails. Kinda makes me say "heh" when I hear them.
On youtube with everything else.


f.f.s. = for fuck's sake :0

i know that paul anka record backwards  - it was playlisted in borders when i first started there, and was played on constant rotation alongside - and i'm not even shitting you - jamie cullum, alicia keyes, katie melua and david gray - for two weeks solid: tow of the worst weeks of my life. my neurons stopped firing, i couldn't pick things up.


Can I lift that line for my script, the not picking things up thing? I'm having a bit of writer's block. It's like funny has gone on a cruise to Cancun with a bunch of geriatric jews wearing orthopaedic footwear and high blood pressure med. (taking the meds, not wearing, that is)

Or at least will you keep corresponding with me so I can do this lazy blogging thing. I have no content at the moment.

ffs, I'm desperate.

PS: thanks for saying "heh" again

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Here are the last 25 downloads to my iPod:
Ratatat: Mirando
Port O'Brien: A Bird Flies By
Jeff Hanson: Nothing Would Matter At All
Paul Anka: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Shantal: Disco Partizani
Laurie Anderson: From The Air
Okkervil River: Plus Ones
Chet Baker: My Funny Valentine
Israel Kramakwiwo'ole: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
K'naan: What's Hardcore
Plants and Animals: Bye Bye Bye
Thompson Twins: Hold Me Now (but without irony)
The Accidental: Knock Knock
Grateful Dead: Eyes of The World
Laurie Anderson: O Superman
Jane Siberry: Everything Reminds Me of My Dog
Serge Gainsbourgh & Jane Birkin: Je t'aime...mois non plus (see previous blog on Birkin)
Jeff Lewis: Heavy Heart
Au: rr Vs. D
Laurie Anderson: Language is a Virus
Cansei de Ser Sexy: Music Is My Hot Sex
Dr. Dog: Today

Actually I have two downloads left plus 25 cents to hook me into the next download card. So, I'm thinking Culture Club: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? and something by Cliff Richards just to see if can make Lee say "heh" again in an email.

Dear Lee, Dear Lisa

2 September, 2008 - From me to Lee:

Hey There,

just listening to The Cure (The Catarpillar) at work (yes, praise the Lord (PTL) I finally have a job, writing training manuals) and thinking LEE! Oops, now it's gone: EWF & The Emotions are singing "Let's Groove," so the moment's gone. Although, on second thought I can totally see you getting down to EWF. Three tracks ago I was listening to my dirty shameful secret song that I like: Michael Jackson's Earth Song. Hate me. Just hit me now. But I like it. It's got a good beat. Lyrics are crap, I have no argument with that. What? I'm just saying...No, you fuck off! I don't even know why I bothered to email.

3 September, 2008 - From Lee to me:

Heh, i don't know what i need to add to that, you pretty much covered everything : )

funny though, as i was listening to an old cure record (faith) a few days ago. it's one i probably haven't played for maybe 15 years, because it's one of the really doomy melodramatic ones that i overplayed when i was a doomy melodramatic 19 year old, to the point where i felt like i could probably never hear it again without being overcome by a tsunami of cringing. i was wrong. it's still a really good record. it just doesn't make me want to knot flowers into my hair and go drown in a river anymore.

unlike earth song.