Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Om Back!

Dear Reader (that would be me)
Everything changes, something is constant. I can't seem to remember my last post, when it was; I'll have to check. Any...I'm in an excruciating period of re-prioritizing my life and with that comes a not knowing that feels frightening. I'm trying to write as if no-one but me is reading this, which is very likely the case. So here goes. I've read about ego death so I'm familiar with the concept, in fact I've read accounts of this so-called death from a number of so-called adepts: Irina Tweedy, Hafiz, Mevlana, Gurumayi, Swami Muktananda and a few regular people, meaning they have not written any books and are known to few, but you know that in their own quiet u. So I'm now having the experience of this and It's - that's right It's with a capitol "I" or, is it capital "I?" And come to think of it where does the end quote go? Before the question mark, like so: "I"? or after as above. As all of this is playing out I'm noticing that I am frantically trying to distract myself from any form of present moment. Feels like I'm falling down a steep slope, everything saying "No, no no!" ("!"?) And then the Present Moment bursts in on me in the most peculiar ways at the oddest times, in really ordinary places. It's like being ambushed by timeless bliss.